Full Motion Flight Simulator

Experience the sensation of flight with Avia Aviation’s full motion, six-axis flight simulator. Ideal for getting essential ground experience before taking to the skies.

Being Australia’s only full motion Cirrus simulator, it is perfect for realistic CAPS deployment training offered nowhere else.

It is also an invaluable interview preparation tool with mentoring available from a retired Boeing 747 captain.

The Avia full motion simulator is certified to CASA FSD-2 Category B to enable maximum allowable flight time credits, including most of a Command Instrument Rating and PIFR renewals in:

  • Cirrus SR22/20
  • Twin Engine piston
  • Twin Engine turboprop
  • Very Light Jet (VLJ)
  • Twin Engine Turbofan

Flight performance is similar to airline simulators, enabling an extensive range of operating scenarios, day and night, in all weather conditions, normal and emergency procedures including Cirrus Airframe Parachute deployment scenarios.

With 200 degrees of visibility and three Garmin G1000 screens, it offers the complete cockpit environment for students to train with Avia instructors. Qualified flight instructors are welcome to utilise the centre and full motion flight simulator for their student training.

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